New N.E.R.R site launched

Welcome to the new N.E.R.R web site. The new site has been created to provide all of the functions enjoyed by clubs, yachtsmen and club measurers alike but in a new format that should allow viewing and using on the modern platforms more workable and enjoyable.

The site continues to provide information regarding the rating rules and reports can still be run to run off time comparison reports, TCF listings etc.

The system has changed the way in which the handicap certificate is issued.

The current rating value is now considered to be what is in the database. The certificate which should be kept on board the vessel is a copy of the database and is issued with the current details of the database on the date of printing.

The certificate will now continue indefinately unless there is a change in the rule in which case all handicaps are then re-calculated automatcally or there could be a change made by the club measurer due to changes in measurement, usually discussed between the measurer and the owner.

Should there be any changes made to a certificate the club measurer would normally make owners aware of the changes.

Any changes to the rule will always be publicised on this site and the minutes of any meetings where the changes have been discussed will always be published.

From the webmaster. I hope you enjoy using the new site and find the new format useful.

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