Tech Notes #1

Time Comparison Report

The menu item in resources on the site marked Pursuit is a report that allows the yachtsman to select his own boat and then run the report against the fleet for comparison.

The time columns will then act as a ready reckoner for how his yacht should perform against the rest of the fleet in races of 30 min, 1 & 2 Hr. The pursuit column uses the recognised time of 100 mintes for a standard pursuit race.

When out on the water the yachtsman can easly look up the time differences between his yacht and his competitors at the different time points in the race.

For example.

A yachtsman rounds a mark at 30 mins into a race and takes his time or starts a stop watch. One of his crew then counts off the differences of the times for the other fleet boats as they round the same mark.

The differences for the other boats can be read off the report and this will give the yachtsman an indication of how he is fairing in the race / fleet.

For a Pursuit Race.

The race officer can run the report against the fastest boat in his fleet. He can then estimate how long his proposed course is going to take. The race officer can then use the report, reading off the column for the time estimated for the race and then group the fleet into starting bands. The race can then be started setting off the slowest boats first.

The race can then be left to run and the first over the finishing line is the winner!